Martes, Hunyo 14, 2011

A Simple Way of Building a Corner Bookcase

Woodworking projects can be really interesting but if you have always thought they are too complicated for you, it is about time that you know they are not. Woodworking projects are not as difficult as they seem, especially when you have the right kinds of woodworking designs and plans within your reach. If you are new to the world of woodworking and you are still not comfortable with your do-it-yourself skills, you can try building your own corner bookcase as a start.

It is relatively simple to build a corner bookcase. What you need are 2 pieces of half-inch plywood cut into 4' x 8' plywood, a tape measure, a pencil, gloves, protective eyewear, a jigsaw or table saw, sandpaper, nails, a hammer, and some wood stain or paint. The first thing you would want to do is to locate a corner in your room or house where you would want to place your bookcase. Once you have chosen a spot, take some measurements so you can determine the height, width, and depth of your bookcase. You can download a corner bookcase plan online to make the whole job easier.

You will then need to mark out and cut at least two triangles from one of the pieces of plywood that you have, following the measurement of your desired bookcase depth. These triangular pieces of plywood will become the shelves of your bookcase. You will then need to mark out and cut twp rectangular pieces from your other sheet of plywood. These will form the side panels of your bookcase. Their length should follow the measurement of the desired height of your bookcase while their width should be of the same measurement with the two legs of your inside panels.

Once you have cut out all the pieces, it is time to nail them together to form your bookcase. Take the inside panels and nail them on one of the side panels, working the nail from the outside. Once done, nail the other side panel to the half-finished bookcase walls. After this, it is time that you nail the top and bottom panels in place.
To complete your corner bookcase, you will need to sand down all the rough edges. After sanding, it is time for you to apply your kind of finish to your bookcase. You can choose any color of paint of you like. If you prefer a more natural look, you can use a certain tint of wood stain.

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